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Insurance application


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Insurance Application For International Student
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Introduction to insurance application

1. Cooperation with the highest class insurance company. Full of experience with detaining over 2 million international students every year.

2. Korea’s the only computerization system that is connected with Education Management System from insurance application to compensation application.

3. Consultation System about compensations for medical expanses in real time.


Insurance guide

1. Procedure for (insurance) issuance
  : Input information -> manager will notify you the insurance fee and bank account for the deposit -> Check the insurance fee deposit the insurance fee -> After the fee is deposited, we will send your insurance certificate and the guidance.
  # Manager’s E-mail :

2. Necessary information for the insurance application
  : Full English name as it appears on your passport, Nationality, Gender, Birthday, Passport number or alien registration card number

3. Compensations Limit
  : Medical expenses of outpatient treatment and hospital treatment for injury (need prescription)and disease may vary depending on university and insurance policy.

4. Compensations limitations and cautions
  a. If you have records stating that you have received treatment for a disease in your country before purchasing insurance in Korea and have received treatment for the same condition in Korea, it can take over one month to compare the treatment records from your country with Korean records.
  b. Urological conditions, mental illness, dental care, pregnancy, abortion, sterility treatments, and Chinese medicine are not covered under any policies.

5. Insurance period
In order to align with school semesters, insurance policies are offered in 3-month, 6-month, and one-year periods. The fee for a 3-month policy is 45-55% of the one-year fee. The 6-month policy is 65-80% of the one-year fee .So we generally recommend purchasing insurance for a period of one year.

6. Our international insurance policies are accepted by all universities in Korea.




Compensation Application


1. Check your membership status with the manager who is shown on your insurance certificate or insurance guidance

2. input information and submit the document

3. check the compensation in your bank account after one week.(if you have not received it, contact with the manager)


The documents for submission

1. Basic date: copy of foreigner registration (front side,back side all needed)

2. general practice:receipt from drug store and hospital bill, hospital prescription.

3. hospital treatment:diagnosis, statement of hospital bill, statement of the first medical examination etc...


How to submit the document?

1. Take the puctures of documents and send it through kakao or qq messenger

2. Submit the copy and input information thorough the internet site

3. Post the originals of documents : 서울시 종로구 견지동 110-32 우정에쉐르 빌딩 704호 유학생보험 담당자

  ** remember you make a copy or take a picture of bills or prescription before you submit them to drugstore.
  ** you must notify the manager after you submit the documents (C / P : 010-6754-4566 / E-mail :


Pay Standard

1. outpatient treatment : Insurance regulation is different from which hospital you go
  - Primary medical institutions(small hospital) : 10,000won/once
  - Secondary medical institutions(general hospital) : 15,000won/once
  - tetiary medical institutions(a university hospitals): 20,000won/once we will give you the balance of treatment expenses remaining after deduction
  - The daily compensation limit is 250,000 won (If the treatment fee is 1,000,000, we only provide you 250,000)

2. cost : 8,000 won/once. You will get the insurance after detucted, maximum is 50,000 / once.

3. Hospitalization bill : After detuct 10% from extended hospitalization fee, you will get 90% insurance of it.
  - However, the maximum daily compensation limit is 100,000 won for inpatients and the room is with six beds. The charge for meals are not included

4. Submit the compensation furniture to the insurance company and make a direct deposit of the reward into the student's personal account


Customer Service Center

Tel : 82-2-723-3626 / H.P : 010-6754-4566

03150 서울시 종로구 우정국로 39 704호
Lunch Time : 09:00 ~ 18:00 / Weekdays : 12:30 ~ 13:30
Closed on Saturday,Sunday,Holiday.



QQ : 3100928338
kakao talk ID : pickup8888